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What is Toxicological Pathology

What is toxicological pathology?

Toxicological pathology is a specialist branch of veterinary pathology that is integral to human, animal and environmental safety evaluation of pharmaceuticals, plant protection products and chemicals.  Toxicological pathologists evaluate issues (gross and microscopic) and integrate the findings with clinical pathology and in-life data. The endpoints obtained are used to identify effect levels, which are used in hazard and exposure-based risk assessment. Toxicological pathologists work within the pharmaceutical, plant protection and chemical industries as well as contract research organisations, government and academia.

How do I become a toxicological pathologist?

Currently most toxicological pathologists are veterinary graduates. They will often have undergone specialist postgraduate training in veterinary pathology, obtaining qualifications including FRCPath, dipECVP and dACVP before specialising in toxicological pathology, although some companies support on the job laboratory animal pathology training for veterinary surgeons.